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New NASA image of expanding La Nina by Gary Robbins
Monday, September 20th 2010, 9:16 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Image AttachmentWe reported about a week ago (story) that the Climate Prediction Center says that La Nina is gaining strength in the equatorial Pacific, and that the natural, periodic climate change might result in below average rainfall this winter. Since then, NASA has released a new illustration of the emerging La Nina, presented here with an explanation from the space agency:

Continuing a trend that began earlier in the year, La Niña conditions strengthened through the summer of 2010, evidenced by a streak of cool water across the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Acquired by the Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason-2 satellite, this map shows a 10-day average of sea-surface height centered on September 6, 2010. Because water expands with rising temperatures, satellites can use sea-surface height as a proxy for temperature. Areas where the water surface is higher (and therefore warmer) than average are shades of red-brown, and areas where the water surface is lower (cooler) than average are blue. Normal conditions appear in white.

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