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Arctic air bringing ice and snow back to the UK: BBC News
Thursday, December 16th 2010, 11:28 AM GMT
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Public Warning: 'Worst snow blizzards in a century' set to hit Britain
Wednesday, December 15th 2010, 8:26 PM GMT
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Britain will be buried by the worst blizzards in almost a century in the coming days - as 12 inches of snow and 60mph-plus winds create 6ft snowdrifts and cause transport chaos.

Forecasters said up to a foot of snow will be dumped across Scotland, northern and western England from tomorrow morning, with several inches in the south.

Gale-force winds will create 6ft snowdrifts expected to shut dozens of main roads and threaten railway line closures - likely to lead to widespread school closures and millions struggling to and from work.

Forecasters said the blizzards will be more serious than an infamous blizzard in the cold 1962-63 winter and the worst to hit Britain since 1927.

Then, a 12-hour blizzard on Christmas Day night left 20ft snowdrifts across the south and south-east, with villages cut off for a week and supplied with food by air-drop.
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Public Warning: Solar Climate Change Extended to the 20th December
Wednesday, December 15th 2010, 11:36 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Image AttachmentThe next period of "Solar Climate Change" that will influence the UK will take place from 17th - 20th December, this comes right after the first period we announced between the 14th-16th, see also updated notes from Piers Corbyn, inc. Our next WeatherAction Weather period 17-20 Dec predicts EXTREME COLD with 'records likely to be broken'. This means a very severe ice hazard because it will be too cold for road salt to work in a lot of Central, North & NorthEast parts of the UK.

The "double hit" of Solar Climate Change that was announced to users in November simply means that the "Christmas economy" for High street retailers and business with the lack of essential public service due to road/rail/airport closures will bring the country to it's knees during the NEXT 10 days.

This is likely to be one of the worst if not THE worst period of disruption in the UK to have been seen in modern times.

I will repeat what was said on the previous statement as this will still apply....

There are potential "life threatening" conditions that will be underestimated by the media (inc. Met Office).

With the aid of this forecast we hope to give some advance warning to those of you who are already suffering hardship and warn you of a very real risk of further and even bigger snow storms and blizzard conditions set for Scotland & England and Eastern Europe.

Please spread news of this forecast to all of those who are vulnerable and try to ensure that food supplies are sufficient to cope with this impending crisis.
Tuesday, December 14th 2010, 6:09 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Image AttachmentBRITAIN will have a white Christmas, with Arctic blizzards bringing up to eight inches of snow.

Snow will blanket London, the South-east, Scotland, the North and eastern England as bitterly cold winds roar in, weathermen warned yesterday. Snowfalls on Christmas Day are now a “foregone conclusion”.

“It will be nightmarish – no one will escape a return of the cold weather,” said Jonathan Powell, senior forecaster for Positive Weather Solutions.

Unlike the snowfalls earlier in the month which crippled large parts of the country, the next wintry blast will also see gale-force 50mph winds blowing directly from the North Pole. These will bring the risk of giant snow drifts in some regions.

The Met Office has severe weather warnings in place for the whole of the UK this week.

They increase to high risk alerts for Thursday and Friday in the North, West and South-west.

Forecaster Helen Chivers said: “It doesn’t look good. There really is a severe weather front moving very quickly across the country, starting in the North and moving south on Thursday. By Thursday night the whole of the country will freeze solid, with snow and rain turning to ice really quickly.
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White Christmas 'A Dead Cert' For The UK by Kat Higgins
Tuesday, December 14th 2010, 4:44 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
It has been one of the coldest Decembers for decades and now forecasters say a white Christmas is definitely going to happen this year.

Arctic winds are expected to bring more freezing weather from Thursday with some areas of the country seeing up to eight inches of snow.

And looking further into the future, it looks like most of the country will be swathed in the white stuff on December 25.

Jonathan Powell, a forecaster with Positive Weather Solutions, said: "Our models are showing we will see a white Christmas.

"The most likely places to have one are Scotland, north-east England, the east coast, the South East and London. It's going to happen."
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Public Warning: Will it be even colder than the winter of 1962-3? Big freeze returns tomorrow... and it's going to last for a MONTH
Tuesday, December 14th 2010, 4:38 PM GMT
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Temperatures will plummet tomorrow and will stay bitterly cold for the next month, forecasters have warned.

Severe weather warnings have been issued as the second Big Freeze of the season puts the country on course for a winter even colder than the notoriously treacherous 1962-63.

North-westerly parts of the country got a sneak preview today of the freezing weather to come. At 9am, West Scotland was still shivering at -7c while the mercury stood at -3c in north-west England

Large swathes of the country were today issued with severe weather warnings, with ice and snow expected to make driving conditions treacherous from Thursday onwards.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: 'A band of rain and snow will move southwards across Scotland and Northern Ireland during the early hours of Thursday with widespread icy surfaces then rapidly developing, potentially around the morning rush-hour period.
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Second Arctic Outbreak Hits US; Why Is It So Cold? by Paul Yeager, AOL news
Tuesday, December 14th 2010, 12:13 AM GMT
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(Image courtesy of University of Washington)

(Dec. 13) -- The second outbreak of Arctic cold in two weeks has hit the U.S., and residents in much of the eastern two-thirds of the nation will shiver again this week: Temperatures Tuesday morning will range from close to 30 below zero in International Falls, Minn., to near freezing in Miami.

While weather extremes are often blamed on either the El Nino or La Nina weather phenomena, it's a lesser-known weather factor, the Arctic Oscillation, that's more responsible for the bitter one-two punch. A "negative" phase of the oscillation occurs when atmospheric pressures are high over the high latitudes and low over the middle latitudes, resulting in a north-to-south Arctic flow across North America.

It doesn't take a four-year degree in meteorology to understand that a flow from the North Pole into the United States is a very cold pattern in the winter.

But in contrast, a "positive" phase of the Arctic Oscillation, which is when atmospheric pressures are lower over the high latitudes and higher over the middle latitudes, generally results in less frigid conditions across the United States.

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Public Warning: Weather set to take Arctic turn as big freeze returns to Britain
Monday, December 13th 2010, 5:58 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Snow and icy temperatures are expected to return across most of the country on Thursday, after a brief respite that has seen a shopping boom and pillar boxes closed because of the sheer quantity of hastily-posted Christmas cards.

The sense of a limited reprieve was confirmed this morning by the Met Office, which said that the thaw will end abruptly as prevailing winds veer and allow an Arctic front to move in again from Scandinavia.

Temperatures are expected to drop abruptly towards the levels of 10 days ago, with predicted lows of -10C (14F) in the most vulnerable areas along the eastern seaboard from Scotland to Kent.

Only the south-west has a chance of escaping the chill, which will follow a band of rain moving slowly south across the country on Wednesday night.

"It will be very cold and unsettled on Friday and through the weekend, with strong north-westerly winds bringing frequent snow showers to many places," said a Met Office spokeswoman. "Some significant accumulations are likely in places leading to some disruption, and with strong winds in places, there is a risk of drifting leading to temporary blizzard conditions."

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Public Warning: The Big Freeze set to return to deliver white Christmas by Richard Alleyne
Sunday, December 12th 2010, 7:29 PM GMT
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Families planning last minute shopping trips and visits to their relatives have been warned to brace themselves for more snow and plummeting temperatures in the run up to Christmas as a second wave of wintry weather is set to paralyse Britain.

Biting winds sweeping in from the Arctic are expected to blanket the country once again in snow and lead to temperatures dropping to as low as -15C.

The combination of 50mph blasts and eight inches of snow could even lead to snow drifts blocking roads and railways, cutting off villages and schools.

The icy weather, which is due to start this Thursday and could last into the New Year, will bring to an end a brief respite in weather which has seen more typical milder temperatures.
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Public Warning: WEATHER: 35,000 DEATHS FEAR IN NEW ARCTIC BLIZZARDS by Sarah Westcott
Saturday, December 11th 2010, 9:34 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
DEATH rates are set to soar “scandalously” this winter as a new Arctic blast batters Britain with temperatures on a par with Siberia.

Experts predict a dramatic increase in cold-related fatalities as we suffer the bitterest winter in a century, causing 12 deaths every hour.

Britons face spiralling energy bills while the death toll this winter could reach 35,000.

There are also fears some mail may not reach its destination by Christmas Day because of the freeze.

Forecasters said temperatures could plummet to record lows in the run-up to Christmas, putting tens of thousands of vulnerable people at risk.
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