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Winter forecast: Brutal cold, snow for Midwest by Doyle Rice, USA TODAY
Wednesday, October 5th 2011, 5:52 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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Image: AccuWeather

Another punishing winter is likely for the north-central USA, according to a forecast released today by the private weather forecasting firm AccuWeather.

While the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic shouldn't see a winter as severe as last year, bitterly cold blasts of arctic air are expected in the northern Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes in December and January, with above-average snowfall, according to AccuWeather long-range meteorologist Paul Pastelok.

Chicago, which endured several blizzards last winter, could be one of the hardest-hit U.S. cities in terms of both snow and cold, he says.

In the South, there is little hope for Texas to escape its epic drought this winter, as below-average precipitation is predicted for most of the state.

Click sorce to read FULL report from Doyle Rice
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This year's winter may be the harshest - Polish climatologists
Tuesday, October 5th 2010, 1:24 PM GMT
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According to Polish climatologists, the Gulfstream- the Atlantic warm current, which protects Europe against the Arctic cold, is cooling fast. It might even disappear completely, they warn.

Russian meteorologists disagree with the pessimism of their Polish counterparts, agreeing though that the speed of the Gulfstream has indeed been reduced two-fold for several years. The Scandinavian countries are already feeling the breathing of the Arctic.

The Polish climatologist, Mikhail Kovalevski believes that if the trend continues, the climatic zones will move North and Europe will become a permafrost area for ever. But after looking at satellite pictures, NASA officials say that the global warming of the past 18 years has made the Gulfstream stronger and warmer. Russian meteorologists however hold the middle ground, Alexander Frolov, head of the Russian Meteorological Agency says.

The Gulfstream is powerful and is not declining; it warms up Europe, and consequently, it has a high significance for both Poland and the Scandinavian nations. But access to the heat might be restricted by the thawing of the ice and the turning of the water fresh - that is cold fresh water may appear on the surface, preventing the heat from going into the atmosphere to have an impact on the climate. We do not overestimate such a phenomenon, Frolov says.

He agrees that the Arctic ice is thawing fast, and according to the specialists, the area of the ice is now 4.8 million kilometers-600 thousand kilometers less than in 2007. said Frolov. That is the third minimum area of ice ever recorded since the beginning of meteorological observation. The Arctic is indeed very warn at the moment, particularly the western part, Frolov says.
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Global Warming and “The Early Spring” Part II by Steven Goddard, WUWT
Tuesday, April 6th 2010, 7:58 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Last April, I wrote an article titled “Global Warming & The Early Spring” which highlighted one of the favorite AGW myths, that CO2 is making winter warmer and spring arrive earlier. Here is the 2010 UK update.

In 2005, the BBC wrote this article:

Wildlife winces at early spring. A survey involving 65,000 wildlife sightings suggests that frogs and bumblebees are among the hardest hit. “Climate change is not something that is happening a million miles away – it is going on in our own back gardens,” said nature presenter Bill Oddie.

Here is one from Global Change Biology :

Early spring in Europe matches recent climate warming August 25, 2006 Conclusive proof that spring is arriving earlier across Europe than it did 30 years ago is published today in the journal Global Change Biology.

Real Climate wrote about it last year :

Breaking the silence about Spring. Early Spring has the potential to be immensely influential, a real turning point in the popular appreciation of climate change impacts among laypersons and scientists alike. Read it.
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Are we set for a long, cold Winter? by Adrian Lee
Friday, September 23rd 2011, 3:23 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
THE leaves haven’t yet fallen from the trees and the forecasters are already predicting a bleak start to winter.

After one last sunshine bonanza at the end of next week, when the mercury is set to nudge the mid-20Cs, it will be time to batten down the hatches. According to several forecasters, if you thought last year was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet. Snow by the end of October is just one of the gloomy predictions unveiled in the latest batch of attentiongrabbing long-range forecasts.

The weather is now big business, worth an estimated £500million to companies now rivalling the Met Office and playing a key role in the economy. There’s huge pressure to gaze into the future, allowing us all to make plans. In fact, some companies are now producing forecasts for the next nine months, although stressing they can only be a guide. With the British weather notoriously fickle and prone to change over a matter of hours, how on earth can the forecasters look so far ahead?

It’s done by studying a complex mix of factors, including previous conditions at any given time of year. Even now the temperature of the sea surface in the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean will have an impact on the British winter to come. If it falls lower than normal for several months, the phenomenon is known as La Niña. The most dramatic effects are seen nearby but La Niña can have an impact on weather thousands of miles away. It influences the jet stream, an intense upper air current that helps the creation of the low pressure fronts which sweep across Britain from the Atlantic, normally bringing wet, mild weather.

Click source to read several forecasts inc. Piers Corbyn
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Chill wind: winters to get colder by Dick Ahlstrom
Thursday, September 23rd 2010, 11:34 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Low solar activity is expected to cause the winter jet stream to bring bitterly cold Arctic air.

GLOBAL CLIMATE is warming, with 2010 expected to go down as yet another record year. You can count on our winters being colder than usual, however, at least for the next few years.

“There is a difference between global climate and regional climate, and there is a very peculiar thing we are finding about the European climate,” says Prof Mike Lockwood of the University of Southampton and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Colder winters are expected because at the moment solar activity is very low.

Solar activity, in this case, does not mean direct heat or light from the sun but the energy emitted from the solar surface by sunspots. “What we are finding is that Europe and western Asia are particularly prone to solar influences, especially in winter,” Lockwood says. “What we are seeing is much cooler winters if solar activity is low.”

Last winter was particularly cold here and on the Continent, and low-temperature records were set.

Lockwood, who is Southampton’s professor of space and climate physics in the school of mathematical and physical sciences, believes we will see more of the same this winter. Climate change naysayers argue that temperature changes come down to a weakening or strengthening sun, but in fact Eurasia’s colder winters will be triggered by the jet stream, Lockwood explains. It is a phenomenon known as “set stream blocking”.
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MUST LISTEN: Sun Talk Radio show with Piers Corbyn of
Monday, February 8th 2010, 11:13 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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Is the weather to take another turn for the worst? Piers Corbyn of Weather Action has the forecast as reports suggest Britain may be hit by another wave of snow

Piers Corbyn was on SUN TALK RADIO on the 12th January 2010 [LINK] and said to John Gaunt that more snow would follow in the UK come February, John asked him to come back and here he is with the snow...

Piers Corbyn gives his UK February winter forecast to Sun Talk Radio and mentions "plenty of more snow to come", take a note of the dates and see how close he is. Piers also has a dig at the Met Office for not using his service at, as by doing so they would have to acknowledge that our climate is driven by the Sun and NOT Man.

Just click the following MP3 link and then Fast Forward to 1:55:45 to listen

Click Here to Listen to Today's Show
Joe Bastardi: "A La Nina That Is King?... More Cold to Follow!"
Monday, January 24th 2011, 10:42 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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CLICK for MUST SEE VIDEO link from Joe Bastardi and listen to what he has to say about THIS winter and the NEXT 30 YEARS
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THE COLDEST WINTER FOR 100 YEARS - SO WHERE ARE THE GRITTERS by Mark Reynolds: Updated with comments by Piers Corbyn
Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 3:08 PM GMT
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Image AttachmentBRITAIN ground to an icy halt yesterday as the nation’s gritters again failed to keep roads clear – costing the economy billions.

The big freeze saw more than half of Britons arrive late for work, and millions more stayed at home as road, rail and air networks were paralysed.

With more than 10 inches of snow in some parts and a further eight inches set to fall overnight, forecasters are predicting the worst winter for 100 years. Motoring organisations criticised the inability to get the nation moving and experts estimated the chaos could cost £1.2billion a day.

The sorry picture on the roads was replicated across the rail network and Gatwick and Edinburgh airports also remained closed with hundreds of flights cancelled.

The catastrophic failure of the authorities to deal with a snow fall that had been widely and accurately forecast came after Transport Secretary Philip Hammond promised last week that there was a “strategic stockpile” of grit.

Click source to read FULL report from Mark Reynolds

Updated below with comments by Piers Corbyn
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2010..The Ice Age by Ben Jackson, The Sun
Friday, January 7th 2011, 11:35 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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Click source to read FULL report from Ben Jackson, The Sun
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Friday, July 30th 2010, 6:27 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)

While heat keeps returning to the mid-Atlantic where last winter all-time record snows fell, nothing but cool weather has plagued the west coast. (May 1 to July 27, 2010)

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