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Evidence of global cooling by John Leonard
Thursday, August 12th 2010, 9:46 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
It is literally freezing in Argentina.

Record amounts of energy are being imported because of increased consumer demand. Businesses have been forced into temporary shutdowns because of insufficient energy available to produce goods.

The coldest winter in forty years has caused shortages of natural gas. Shipments of liquified gas are expected to double this year.

Electricity purchased from other countries reached the 1,000 megawatt level by mid July. (Remember winter and summer are reversed south of the equator.)

"The situation is getting worse, because the shortage period is growing every year," the article found at quoted Gerard Rabinovich, director at the General Mosconi Energy Institute in Buenos Aires. "When this started in 2004, it lasted for about a week, then it was two weeks and now it's more than a month."

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The wine producing region of Mendoza found in western Argentina reported temperatures 8.9 degrees Celsius lower than the Argentine-controlled region in Antarctica. The city of La Quiaca on the typically warmer northern border of Argentina near Bolivia had temperatures recorded of -10C.

If the IPCC gets its wish and a huge global carbon tax is implemented, innocent people in Argentina may soon be freezing to death because they will no longer be able to afford energy to heat their homes in the dead of winter.

The science about global warming is far from settled. There are many reasons to question the scientific findings of the IPCC but no reason to question their motives because we know them to be financial.

We don't even understand short term weather patterns. Meteorologists generally limit their forecasts to a ten-day window of time. So why does anyone believe Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Steve Schneider or any of these "expert" climate scientists when they claim to know more than they really do?
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