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La Nina is dead, here comes La Winta: BOM says get out your stockings by Alison Godfrey
Wednesday, May 18th 2011, 6:32 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
TEMPERATURES in Australia are dropping but forecasters warn this isn't just a brief cold snap - winter is here.

In the past few days much of the country has experienced the coldest temperatures of the year, despite winter not officially starting until June 1.

In Sydney the temperature dropped to 7.3C yesterday while residents in Adelaide awoke to 5.2C. In Brisbane the mercury was at a low of 7.9C at the weekend.

Although Melbourne hit a low of 3.5C last Tuesday, the city was basking in 11C yesterday.

In Hobart yesterday it was almost balmy, with a minimum temperature of 12.3C. But that appears to be an odd break after temperatures there sunk as low as 3.2C at the start of the month.

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