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Friday, December 17th 2010, 8:02 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)

I don't recall seeing modeling having two major snow events [see Piers Corbyn Solar Climate Change Extended to the 20th December](anything over 5 cm I think is major for London) coming in a five-day period, but the Friday through Tuesday period may see just that, and this is probably, when one combines snow and cold, the highlight of the winter for the southern part of the U.K. (perhaps farther north and west too).

The snow comes as the cold comes, and just before it goes.

By the way, when I say warmer, I don't mean we are going into a tropical paradise. It means the rest of the winter for the U.K., Ireland, and Scandinavia should be at or above normal, and certainly much warmer than this December to remember. Farther south, next to the normals, and I see no reason to back down, the winter looks cold. Interestingly enough, the European outlook (model) is colder farther north than I am, but my point is that London, which is not 8 F below normal for the month and should finish about 6 below normal, should be close to normal for the rest of the winter (January and February).

That Scandinavian ridge means that maritime air can get in more often, though it also means that monster highs that build over northeast Europe can "push back" west with cold air. I don't want anyone slitting their wrists thinking that the winter is over... it's just that this kind of relentless cold is not going to hold in the northwest, but there will be plenty of challenges.

I just think this upcoming five-seven days is as good as it gets... okay?

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Desert still tastes good after a big meal, right?

Of course, the cause of all this is none of the reasons that I have laid out for you over the months and years as to why I think it's going to get colder over the coming years... but instead it's all human induced global warming. In fact, it is so strong, that it is causing the sun and volcanoes to act in weird ways. Even the Martians are upset by all of our CO2 induced antics, and they are demanding money to fight universal warming, caused by CO2.

The way things are going, we are going to warm ourselves right into an ice age (also an answer that agw proponents will say is theirs).

Stay warm.

Ciao for now. ****
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