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Public Warning: Joe Bastardi: “Severe Event” For Europe by P. Gosselin
Saturday, December 11th 2010, 6:11 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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CLICK for MUST SEE VIDEO to see Europe Gets Hit by Extreme Cold by Joe Bastardi - see also Public Warning: Solar Climate Change for Mid December from Piers Corbyn

So far it’s been a really cold winter for much of Europe, and so you’d think we’d be due for a little relief. Think again!

Although western Europe will enjoy some milder temps this weekend, it isn’t going to last long. Already next week the bitter cold will be back. This is just the kind of winter weather that not only paralyzes economic activity, but also wreaks havoc on streets and highways – freeze-thaw-freeze cycles that rip asphalt surfaces apart. Expect major damage this winter and huge potholes later on.

Joe Bastardi’s latest video Europe Gets Hit by Extreme Cold is not good news. By Tuesday night the cold will spread over Central and Western Europe. Bastardi:

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By the time we get to the latter part of next week and on into the Christmas week, this is a severe event, no question about it.

We’re looking at a top 5 or 10 cold December.

I feel we should warn you, things are going to be real nasty in the next 2 weeks, and perhaps 3 weeks.”

To me this is okay. All them warmist representatives thinking they were going to enjoy sun, beach and warmth in Cancun found themselves shivering there in 100-year record cold. And now they can come back and disembark from their planes and into the cold reality in Europe, and wonder where all the warming is.
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