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Tuesday, January 5th 2010, 2:22 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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We are going to make this a site for you to show your "Arctic Snap" photos and also report on news stories in your local area.

The winter of 2009/10 is turning out to be one of the worst recorded in the last few decades, what is even more astonishing the Met Office and of some 1,500 staff with a budget of £170 million predicted a MILD winter. Take a look at the following summary forecasts........and guess the one with a budget of £170 million and staff of 1,500 and the small company that uses a Casio Scientific calculator

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First the Met Office....

The official Met Office forecast produced in July had this to say:..."Early indications are that winter temperatures are likely to be near or above average over much of Europe including the UK. For the UK, Winter 2009/10 is likely to be milder *(and wetter) than last year"
( released 23 July.


Piers Corbyn from had this to say on the same day: ( "It should be ignored absolutely. The opposite to whatever the Met Office says in long range has been what happened for the last three years!"

Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction said today, 23 July: "The Met Office long range forecast attempts at seasonal and world developments totally failed• to predict ANY of the 5 notable weather developments since 2007. They predicted the opposite to what occurred for the wet summers 2007, 2008, and 2009, the icy snowy winter 08/9, and world temperature decline over recent years. On the other hand our WeatherAction Solar Weather Technique predicted all these major situations correctly and did it ahead of the Met Office prognoses.

Their score of zero out of five is lamentable. It could not be worse. They should stop issuing these reckless 'forecasts' which only serve to mislead the public, commerce and emergency authorities and cause unnecessary misery danger and possible death.

Their forecast for a mild winter in 08/09 disarmed the emergency services and Councils and led directly to the UK running out of road salt, transport chaos and extra road accidents when the snow deluges predicted by us at WeatherAction hit Britain and Ireland. The Met Office stupidity cost the economy billions of pounds.

"The recent heavy rains and weather prospects spell failure for the Met Office forecast of a 'barbecue summer' which we advised our own forecast users would fail. For how much longer will government, 'opposition' and much of commerce continue to follow failed methodology which is without scientific basis?

"The Met Office long range forecasts will continue to fail because they are founded on the politically motivated false theory of man-made global warming and related computer models. The fact is the world has been cooling for at least 7 years while CO2 has been rapidly rising. Our proven science explains why and shows the world cooling will generally continue at least to 2030 and the world will remain generally cooler than recently for a hundred years (see below**) "The Met Office 'forecast' (issued 23 July) for winter 2009-10 to be probably milder and wetter than average is nonsense and entirely what one would expect them to say. Their religious belief in non-existent man-made Global Warming means they could not say anything different. Their forecast should be ignored absolutely. Statistically speaking the opposite to what they say has a success score of 5/5.

"In the immediate future I suggest the major clothing chains should consider sue-ing the Met Office for misleading advise 3 years running which is now leaving stacks of 'barbecue summer' wear falling onto the streets. And anyone who had an accident in winter because road-salt ran out should sue the Met Office and the local Council for negligence.

"Politicians of all the major parties should be called to account for their promotion of projects spending and taxation for the green bubble of false value which is the ideological basis for these stupid and damaging forecasts. Gordon Brown's welcome moves to more accountability of public life are being undermined by the green fools who mis-advise him on environmental matters and he should get rid of them. The dead hand of the promoters of climate hysteria is causing needless economic and personal suffering and unless stopped it will end in tears and leave us all worse off".