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A detailed look at this winter's biggest players Exploring La Nina & its interplay with the NAO by Jes Junker
Sunday, November 14th 2010, 10:59 AM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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Last week, I wrote about how El Nino and the negative phase North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) optimally came together to produce last winter's historic snows.

The pattern has flipped this year to a moderate-to-strong La Nina, characterized by colder than normal sea surface temperatures across the east and central Pacific (caused by stronger than normal easterly trade winds). These conditions are expected to continue through the winter - almost certainly leading to less snow than last winter in the mid-Atlantic. But how much less? It significantly depends on the phase of the NAO, a major factor in our snow potential, and a big wild card.

In our winter outlook, we walked through some of this but if you want to understand the full range of possibilities for the upcoming winter you can dig deeper. Let's take a really close look at how this moderate-to-strong La Nina may influence the evolution of this winter's weather while factoring in the curve balls the NAO might throw...

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