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Heavy snow across the world by PlanetSKI
Tuesday, September 28th 2010, 7:26 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
New Zealand, Canada and The Alps have seen some decent snowfalls this week. It has been a pretty amazing time for some resorts around the world. See the latest conditions in the PlanetSKI weekly overview.

New Zealand has been hit by extreme weather and though it has led to big problems for many people the ski resorts have had more snow. bHowever many have had to remain closed due to high winds. One of our readers/reporters in New Zealand, Amanda Pirie, sent us this short message which sort of sums it up; “It is extreme weather here, no photos to send because it is all just fog!”

The weather has badly affected farmers and tens of thousands of people have been without electricity as power lines have been brought down. “The spring storm of 2010 is frankly the worst in a generation. The last big dump of snow we had was 14 years ago in the winter of 1996, while the last time we had anything this severe was 38 years ago,” said one farmer in New Zealand. Animals have died, the transport system has been hit and many people are suffering.Source

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Big September Snowfalls in Canada
Skiinfo, September 23, 2010

At 1,700 metres, Marmot boasts the highest base elevation of all Canadian ski resorts meaning it often gets large amounts of snow when it is raining lower down in the Athabasca Valley and the town of Jasper. That was exactly the case today when a mix of rain and snow fell on the valley floor while heaps of wet, white snow fell on the mountain slopes.

Last winter Marmot opened on November 11, its earliest opening date ever, with ideal snow conditions. So far this fall is shaping up to deliver a repeat performance of last year�s early season snowfalls which helped contribute to Marmot�s record setting year for attendance. “I think this snow is here to stay” predicted an optimistic Brian Rode, Marmot’s VP of Marketing and Sales. “We may still get some warm weather, but given that it’s nearing the end of September, I am quite sure this is the beginning of a very good base layer”, added Rode.

Huge Snowfalls in New Zealand
Skiinfo, September 23, 2010

“We have received heavy snow mainly from the west and north west since late last week. Whakapapa has gone from 130cm’s a week ago to over two metres. Turoa has received just as much snow but it has come with higher winds meaning the snow stake measurement hasn’t changed as much. Don�t be fooled though, conditions will be way better when the storm passes.” Said a statement from Mt Ruapehu.

It’s a similar story at other areas, most reporting up to 60cm (two feet) of new snow over recent days but with strong winds and other extreme weather problems meaning most have had to close their slopes until the storm, which began at the weekend, passes over, predicted for the next 24-248 hours, leaving a spectacular weekend on the snow in prospect.

It’s not all good news though, the heavy snow led to a collapse of a sports hall and on Ruapehu Tower 8 of the High Noon Express has been damaged in the storm. Source

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