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Weather Channel: D.C. had worst summer in U.S.
Thursday, September 23rd 2010, 11:16 PM GMT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Of all this country's great cities, Washington, D.C. suffered through the worst weather conditions this summer according to The Weather Channel (TWC). Our Nation's Capital beat out Little Rock, AR (2), Des Moines, IA (3), Brownsville, TX (4), and Los Angeles, CA (5) for this unenviable distinction.

"It was really a combination of several factors that pushed DC to the #1 ranking," wrote Dr. Greg Forbes, TWC's severe weather expert and meteorologist Jon Erdman, in an email to the Capital Weather Gang (CWG). TWC highlighted our region's record heat, three rounds of severe thunderstorms, and developing drought as rationale for D.C.'s top ranking.

D.C.'s combination of extreme weather bested (or more appropriately "worsted") 110 90+ days in Little Rock, 30" of rain and flooding in Des Moines, a tropical depression, tropical storm and hurricane in Brownsville, and persistently gray conditions in normally sunny Los Angeles. TWC's Forbes and Erdman attributed our region's heat to "persistent high pressure aloft from the mid-Atlantic States to the South" and noted "the intense heat and humidity increased the severity of the thunderstorms."

Will D.C.'s extreme weather continue into winter? TWC's Forbes and Erdman don't think so. They told us: "Unlike last winter's El Nino, this winter will feature La Nina, which, overall, tends to result in a warmer-than-average winter with near-average precipitation. La Nina winter snowfall in the mid-Atlantic states can be reduced by up to 50% vs. the 'typical' El Nino or 'neutral' conditions (not El Nino or La Nina)."

Of course, we'll issue our own winter outlook in late October or early November. So stay tuned for that.

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